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A Dreamers Lifestyle & Opportunity

I dream, I dream so much it hurts my chest, like a heavy boulder sitting on top of my sternum. I think to myself, I know I have a beautiful life. I know that I am loved because I feel it everyday with no question. But, why am I still unsatisfied? Why do I feel this longing in my gut? I actually know the reason why. You see, everyday feels like groundhog's day. I get up in the morning and start my daily routine of getting ready for work, maybe eat breakfast, maybe not. I then drive to work spouting positive affirmations to keep myself chipper because I know I won't be happy at work. Corporate loves to under-staff, overwork the working, underpay, and give the impression that they care, "is there anything I can do for you?", and still give the underlining notion that your expendable.

All my life I knew there was something more out there other than just what society expected of you, and in all my recollection of my life I've known I was someone special. I know I have more to give, more to offer the desired and an incredible amount of passion to inspire the heavy-handed.

I want to be free! I want to live A Dreamers Lifestyle. I want to explore the world in all it's beauty words cannot express. I want to feel like my life is MY life and I make the decisions of whether or not I'm going to paint or draw all day or go to the gym at noon instead of after a very long day of being on my feet living someone else's dream.

Throughout our lives we are constantly given opportunities to change our situation, our life. Sometimes we see it and sometimes we do

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A Dreamers Lifestyle Opportunity

Have you ever said to yourself, "I have a great life. I'm very thankful for what I have, but why am I unhappy? Why do I feel unfulfilled?" Or, "I've done everything I was suppose to do in life. I went to college and got not one, but multiple degrees, and got a decent job. I have a beautiful family and a wonderful wife/husband. We own a house! But, is that all there is to life?" Or, "I'm so sick to death of this 9-5, same thing everyday, mundane work, not being recognized for working so hard, and feeling stuck because that's what pays the bills." You and I know there's more out there. We want FREEDOM! WE want to live our "dream-life" where we can take off to Cancun at a drop of a hat, or say, "hey, I'm doing what I want to do today because it's my life!"

Such things are possible. Oh, yes, they are! Ask yourself this, "if I could do anything in the world what would I do?" Imagine you had unlimited time and money is not factor. What have you always wanted to do? These questions are important to not only ask yourself, but to imagine even for just a moment. Smell those roses!

What if I told you that you could regain your confidence, become more self aware as you wipe the darkness away from your eyes and enable yourself to see your fulfilled future? There's only one YOU and YOU are like no other in the world.

Opportunity comes when your pay attention. Are you paying attention?

Now is your time to take action, to make all your ambitions and dreams a reality. Don't doubt yourself, don't be fearful of the unknown. The unknown is what helps you grow and what gives you the opportunities of a lifetime.

Join me my friend where your dreams become a certainty!

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